LA Rams must push NY Jets and Giants hard for trade before deadline

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New York Jets

The New York Jets are in free-fall mode. The teams cannot win with their current roster and coaching staff and have already begun the process of fire sales designed to lighten the load on payroll, and set themselves up for a huge harvest from the 2021 NFL Draft. It’s clear that they are unloading veterans now, and will be making moves in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft to improve their roster with another youth movement.

They have talent on that roster and are certainly listening to offers. But that team is divesting right now, converting veterans into future draft picks.   First, the Jets traded All-Pro safety Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks.  Next in the news was running back Le’Veon Bell being released.  Next, the Jets traded veteran DT Steven McLendon to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Finally, the Jets have traded OLB Jordan Willis to the San Francisco 49ers.

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Make Moseley a Ram

So who is left who might interest the Rams? Well, no reason to beat around the bush, The Jets signed C.J. Mosley to a 5-year $85 million contract.  Then, Mosley opted out of 2020.  The Rams can still trade for Mosely, and with the Jets current plummet to the bottom of the NFL, they may be interested in shedding that cumbersome contract.  The fun part is that the Jets paid a $10 million signing bonus, which they will stay on the hook for.  The Rams could pick up Moesley for a 2022 pick, say a fourth?

But the Rams would most certainly have interest in a number of players on the Jets roster rumored to be available via trade: outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins, inside linebacker Avery Williamson, nickel cornerback Brian Poole, and even defensive end Quinnen Willams.  The Rams have a huge need for today and tomorrow at these positions.  We will discuss more soon, but we’re already behind schedule to discuss the next New York team with a fire sale for players: