LA Rams TE Gerald Everett catches everything, except a break

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LA Rams Gerald Everett
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Use him, or trade him to a team that will

Of course, finding a place in the Rams offense is easier said than done, and we realize that.  Everett is an outstanding blocker, and his versatility gives the Rams plays a deceptive factor that neither Tyler Higbee nor Johnny Mundt can on any given play. Said another way, the Rams can involve Everett in rushing, receiving, pass protection, or run blocking on any given play.

Of course, the LA Rams could hold onto him until season’s end and hope that a team signs him to a lucrative deal.  Should that happen, the Rams will be in line to be awarded a 2022 NFL Draft compensatory pick.  The Rams currently have a nice number of draft picks in 2022, including a first-round selection. As with any NFL team,  more picks would simply make the Rams front office job all the easier in the goal to restock the roster.

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All the reasons in the world to play Everett, so do it

However, it’s not that simple.  Any new contract offered to Everett in 2021 depends upon production in 2020. So far, the Rams’ struggles to target Everett despite catching the ball 85 percent of the time does not bode well for either Everett or the Rams. So not playing Everett now hurts his trade value, but also hurts his market value in the NFL Free Agency market.

With an imminent trade deadline, the Rams would not be foolish to consider any offers for Everett that include a fourth-round pick or better. Right now, some suggest that the Rams would part with Everett for a fifth-round pick from a playoff team.  I don’t really see that.