LA Rams should call these 4 NFC teams about possible trade

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NFL rumors report some NFC teams are willing to trade. LA Rams should call these 4 NFC teams about possible trades before the NFL trade deadline

Can the LA Rams find a trade worth exploring before the NFL trade deadline? After just six games into the 2020 NFL season, and already 10 NFL teams face one helluva climb to get back into NFL relevance. Some are good teams that plummeted in 2020. Some are bad teams that have yet to gain any positive traction. And still, others are teams that hoped to be good, but due to injuries and new players that simply haven’t panned out, they find themselves in a hole and no ladder to climb to return to level ground.

The NFL comes at you fast and rolls on.  For some teams, 2020 has been a quagmire of injuries, off-field distractions, crash course rookie acclimation, and bad luck.  But the reality is this: a team with just one or fewer victories after six games into the season need to play almost perfectly to win a playoff berth. And if the team is not competing for a championship this year, it would be wise to convert costly and talented players into future building blocks.

Do nothing is an option

Of course, some teams have a remote chance even now of winning their division. Those teams cling to the hope that they can run the table against their rivals, and in the end hope that other teams help them out.  So as the trade deadline approaches, the Rams should be looking towards improving the team now or improving the team’s draft future.

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Of course, the Rams could pass through this trade deadline with no roster moves and remain on track for a good season. So far, injuries have not played a substantial role in the team’s progress. But there are roster concerns even having said that. The Rams edge rushers are not getting to the quarterback as hoped, and the team’s linebacker depth in the middle is very shallow. So let’s take a look at potential NFC trade partners?