LA Rams should call these 4 NFC teams about possible trade

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Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were 1-4-1 until late-game heroics on Thursday Night Football propelled them back to the top of the NFC East. That win likely converted the Eagles from potential a potential seller at the trade deadline to a potential buyer. Of all NFC East teams, the Eagles are likely to have the best chance of this dismal group to find a path back to the NFL Playoffs.  But they will need help to do so.

That sort of help at this stage of the NFL season costs either draft picks, talented players, or both. While they are still in the hunt, they need help on the offensive line, wide receiver, and overall team depth.  While the Rams can help them in many ways, we need to focus on offensive linemen trade scenarios for the Eagles in this one (we’ll get back to skill players elsewhere).

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Eagles get IOL help

The Eagles are one of the scrappiest teams in the NFC East. Decimated by injuries, they have a no-quit resolve that has helped them leapfrog a more talented Dallas Cowboys roster in 2019. That same never-say-die resolve has them cobbling wins wherever they can find them. But they, like the LA Rams from 2019, are simply running out of healthy bodies for the offensive line.

The Philadelphia Eagles need interior offensive linemen, and the Rams have a surplus at that position.  By trading for interior offensive lineman Coleman Shelton, the Eagles land a versatile interior offensive lineman now who can play multiple positions. They also land a solid heir apparent for veteran center Jason Kelce for the future.  This trade happens with a fifth-rounder. If Shelton starts any games for the Eagles, the Eagles kick in a 2021 sixth-round pick as well.