LA Rams should call these 4 NFC teams about possible trade

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Washington Football team

The Washington Football team is tough, but the team is back to square one with the demotion of quarterback Dwayne Haskins. So in some ways, Washington is taking an approach similar to that of the New York Jets and could be persuaded to part ways with a talented veteran or two.  Is it worth a phone call? Absolutely, as they have a veteran or two worth trading for. One such trade scenario on social media made enough sense to post here.

Washington is looking to 2020 now.  Josh Reynolds needs a new team where he is the featured receiver.  On paper, this one looks reasonable.

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Imagine Rams rushing Ryan Kerrigan?

Should the Rams land Kerrigan, they will be an even more dangerous team than they currently are. And should Washington be willing to engage the Rams, they could end up with a solid receiver who not only stretches the field for their running game but bolsters their depth as the team looks to add weapons for a new quarterback. For the Rams, they have too many weapons to feed everyone the ball and exchanging Reynolds for Kerrigan trades a surplus player into no-less than a one-year rental who could help the Rams make noise in the playoffs.

The potential of Kerrigan on the same defense as Donald and Ramsey is virtually limitless.  Kerrigan began his NFL career in 2012 and has sacked the quarterback an outstanding 93 times so far. While he may not be the player he once was, he would be a custom fit for the Rams who need a veteran to play opposite Leonard Floyd.  This one is worth exploring for both teams.