Why MNF pregame jitters are good for the LA Rams

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

If you experiencing pregame jitters before the LA Rams Monday Night Football game, that’s a good sign

The LA Rams have played two games this season where their confidence was buoyed by their success leading up to that game. The first time, they hosted the winless New York Giants and had to fight hard against a determined opponent for the win. The second time, the 4-1 Rams traveled to San Francisco to face the 2-3 49ers and lost.  In neither case did anyone voice concerns about the Rams potentially losing either game. The Giants were too bad, and the 49ers were rivals who were struggling with injuries. Of course, the 49ers had a number of key players heal in time to face the Rams.

The Rams were nervous in the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Jitters kicked in again to face the Philadelphia Eagles, a team McVay had not beaten before. The Rams were nervous when facing the Buffalo Bills. Although the Rams lost that game, they played hard until the end. And the Rams were nervous when traveling once more to face the Washington Football team.

Anticipation means preparation

Now the Rams are nervous once more, this time hosting the visiting Chicago Bears at SoFi Stadium on Monday Night Football.  And the question racing through everyone’s mind is whether the Rams will show up and play hard in this one, or seem to be out-of-synch and won’t get going until the fourth quarter. While I’m no soothsayer, I think the Rams are in better shape than you may think.

Jitters is a person’s way of anticipating danger. In a football game, it’s simply envisioning the things that can go wrong to prevent the Rams from winning.  Now that means anticipating problems, and working out ways to prevent it, and contingency plans in the event that it does occur.  In each struggle, teams did things to the Rams that nobody expected. Who could have guessed that both Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods would struggle in the same game?

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It’s a safe bet that the Rams are not only prepared to get both receivers back on track, but can adjust the offense if neither player gets hot. So when things get a bit dicey on the field tonight, the Rams will have options. That’s a far better cry than trying to draw up new plays on the sideline.  Jitters is another name for stage fright. It’s a warning sign that danger is ahead.  Knowing that, the LA Rams should have a good game

Go Rams!