Can LA Rams pull off trade with 4 AFC Teams in next 160 hours?

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Can LA Rams pull off a trade with 4 AFC Teams in the next 160 hours? NFL rumors report plenty of NFL trade interest.

The LA Rams are good and getting better. The Rams have a good chance of making it to the NFL Playoffs. But this article is about the NFL have-nots. Now seven games into the 2020 NFL season and more than a few NFL teams face one helluva climb to get back into NFL relevance. Some are good teams that plummeted in 2020. Some are bad teams that have yet to gain any positive traction. And still, others are teams that hoped to be good, but due to injuries and new players that simply haven’t panned out, they find themselves in a hole and no ladder to climb to return to level ground.

The NFL AFC Conference is a perfect example of the have’s and the have-nots this season.  Already four teams have fallen so far that they will need something very similar to a small miracle to get back on track for an NFL Playoff berth. When that happens, the team often just calls it quits, sheds salary and talented veterans, and begins the heavy construction work of rebuilding their team

Under construction

Some teams are already underway. Other teams have some more changes to make or are not quite satisfied that they have their franchise quarterback just yet.  And at least one team, either the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Los Angeles Chargers, will enter the far better two-win plateau this weekend as they face one another.  After all, two wins plus one tie has landed the Philadelphia Eagles into first place in the NFC East division.

Not all of these struggling teams planned to lose.

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In fact, some have very talented players, players who could be very productive on the LA Rams roster.  Sometimes losing just snowballs. After all, NFL teams didn’t have much time to prepare for the 2020 season. Teams that understood that streamlined training camp to focus on the most critical areas. Other teams simply did not.
So what can the Rams do to better the roster as a result? Well, let’s go shopping.