Can LA Rams pull off trade with 4 AFC Teams in next 160 hours?

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Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are on the road back. They landed the top draft pick in 2020 and selected quarterback Joe Burrow. Now, they simply need to build a team around him. While they surely have factored in a rough 2020 season into their plans, it’s always wise to get a jump on a re-build whenever possible. So how can the Rams help? The Bengals will certainly be looking to shore up their offensive line, and so far, the Rams have an abundance of talent there on the roster and on the practice squad.

The Bengals, like most NFL teams, need help on the offensive line, and skilled players on offense. Right now, the LA Rams have some surplus in those positions that can be exchanged with Bengals for key pieces that the Rams need. Of course, the Bengals need to see value as well.

Must Read. LA Rams must push NY Jets and Giants hard for a trade before the deadline. light

Trade scenario

We had proposed the Rams trading for Bengals WR John Ross over eight months ago. At the time, that wasn’t well received. But we believe it should be reconsidered. The Rams could trade WR Josh Reynolds to the Bengals for Ross and a sixth-round pick. The Bengals get a productive wide receiver, and the Rams pick up a draft pick, a developmental wide receiver, and a special teams return specialist.  Here’s how that would look:

Meanwhile, DE Carlos Dunlap is attempting to sell his house on Twitter.  And NFL rumors are that the Bengals could part ways with A.J. Green, DT Geno Atkins, CB William Jackson, and as cited above, WR John Ross.