Can LA Rams pull off trade with 4 AFC Teams in next 160 hours?

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Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the team that looked like a team ready to make a move in the NFL. But after five straight losses, they look like a team moving towards the 2021 NFL Draft. Should they hasten the pace to get there?  I suppose it depends on your perspective over Gardner Minshew’s job security.

I had not expected the Jaguars to show much this season, and so far that’s how it is playing out. The Jaguars continue to incubate talented defensive players, and they have some gems there right now. The trouble is that they are young and likely part of any rebuild scenario that the team may be scheming right now.

Get back that fourth-round pick

So let’s flip the polarity on this one. The Jaguars are in the 2021 NFL Draft deep, as in ten draft picks deep.  They are due to get two draft picks in 2021 as the second installment for cornerback Jalen  Ramsey, but their skill positions are horrific.  So why not dangle the likes of either Josh Reynolds or Gerald Everett for that fourth-round pick?  The Jaguars are inundated with young players now and will be flooded with them next year. Picking up either Reynolds or Everett now gives them real weapons to judge Gardner Minshew, and places them in a great position for 2021.

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While I believe Minshew would do well with Reynolds, the talent level of TE Gerald Everett is so high that he would immediately help Minshew pass or fail the franchise-quarterback litmus test. Considering that few, if any, tight ends were even NFL-ready in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Jaguars would be wise to scoop up Everett now.