LA Rams Goff 99 career TD passes now sole 6th All-Time for team

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams Goff 99 career TD passes now sole 6th All-Time for team

The LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff entered Monday Night Football needing 325 passing yards and six touchdowns to move up in both the passing yards and passing touchdowns categories. The unofficial totals for the game were 219 yards and just two touchdowns.  So he is now in fifth place, at 16,008, just 106 yards shy of Norm Van Brocklin’s 16,114 passing yards.  His 99 passing touchdowns have him solely in sixth place, just three touchdowns shy of Kurt Warners 102 passing touchdowns

Jared Goff is phenomenal under center.  Since he has been playing in just 61 games but has already has bested the career totals of many NFL greats, it’s easy to apply that sage wisdom standard on Goff. But Goff is still young and still improving.  The fact that he is so well represented among the LA Rams career passing leaders is amazing.  The fact that so few bother to mention it leaves me speechless.

Goff is a great fit, not system, quarterback

Narratives are simply ruts. The narrative on LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff began as a young inexperienced quarterback who benefited from playing for an offensive-minded head coach Sean McVay. That pattern is not unusual for success. Carson Wentz benefits by playing for Doug Pederson. Dak Prescott benefitted by playing for Jason Garrett. Kyle Murray benefits by playing for Kliff Kingsbury. Drew Brees benefits by playing for Sean Payton.  Offensive head coaches demand more from their quarterbacks.

Goff benefits by playing for McVay, yes. But the lists of quarterback/coaches who have a symbiotic relationship goes on and on.

So far, only Jared Goff has gotten a ‘system quarterback’ label. And once the national sports media applies a label, all stories are written to it.

The offensive scheme needs the right pilot

McVay’s system is specific. He needs a quarterback who can extend plays, make quick throws, and make deep throws.  Goff not only checks all of the boxes, but he gives McVay more options. The LA Rams passing offense is so very dangerous because Goff can find practically anyone in the defensive secondary. In the latest Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears, a defense that smothers passing offenses, Goff successfully threw the ball to seven different receivers.

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Goff also threw for two touchdowns against a defense that is very stingy about allowing points.  The Bears allowed four passing touchdowns in six games. Goff threw for two touchdowns. It’s time to write a new narrative. Goff is simply a great pilot for the Rams offense. He is not a marionette. Jared Goff is a young dynamic and durable quarterback who is poised to ascend the LA Rams All-Time passing leaders list once more against the Miami Dolphins.