LA Rams uniform tracker: Week 7 update

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Away: Bone jersey over bone pants

I didn’t know how I felt about this when the Rams first released these uniforms. Once they took the field, I had to admit that the gritty, tough look in the “bone” uniforms was really impressive. They give a very tough and worn look to the Rams and are borderline intimidating. Then, they put the yellow stripe next to the white stripe so you can see the difference up close. Brutal. The blue numbers fit the style well reminding you who this team is.

The Rams play a bruising style when wearing these uniforms. They shut down the Dak Prescott led Dallas Cowboys and won the opening game of Sunday Night Football this season with a 20-17 victory, then took down the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, 37-19. In week five, the Rams faced the Washington Football Team and took them down on the road as well, 30-10.

Record: 3-0

Average Score per game: Rams 28 – 15

The Rams offense seems to explode in these uniforms and it might be the way they look. They’re tough. They’re rigid. The Rams defense has played well too, never allowing more than 20 points in a game. Lastly, they’ve scored points in these uniforms – and lots of them.

If the phrase ‘Bad to the bone’ was the inspiration for this uniform conversation, then the designers hit it out of the park. While this color combination may not have the flair of a model on a high-fashion runway, nor even the eyebrow-raising impact of a superhero costume, the results are undeniable.  The Rams seem unbeatable in a bone uniform.

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So is it a coincidence? Or is the mantra true?

I’ll let you decide.