LA Rams blockbuster could net 2nd rounder and Eagles NFC East title

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LA Rams NFL Trade
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RB Brown

The Philadelphia Eagles won’t have Miles Sanders for a while. And while they are getting plenty of positive looks out of RB Boston Scott and others, the Eagles have been a pass-first sort of offense that spices things up with an occasional running play. That means that their backfield needs a running back who can catch a pass, run the ball, but most of all, block for quarterback Carson Wentz.   While Sanders was trying to handle all of that, he’s out of commission

So it makes sense for the Philadelphia Eagles to seek a player who can do it all in the backfield. They need look no further than to the LA Rams for running back Malcolm Brown. He is one tough running back.

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Dude with ‘tude

The LA Rams have fought long and hard to find the right niche for Brown. The team seems to have discovered the magic in 2020. In just seven games, he is already rushing for a career-high 274 yards and three touchdowns. He is also at a career-high for receiving with 62 yards. And the Rams are giving him work with 50 percent of the offensive snaps.

But behind him are rookies Cam Akers and Xavier Jones, neither of whom are getting playing time right now. Meanwhile, Brown’s contract expires at the end of this season. If the Rams do not plan on re-signing Brown, they could package him with other weapons to help out a playoff hungry team. The Eagles can use fresh legs. The Rams could use a roster spot and draft picks.