LA Rams blockbuster could net 2nd rounder and Eagles NFC East title

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LA Rams NFL Trade
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TE Everett

The Philadelphia Eagles need tight ends to make their offense work, and Zach Ertz is suffering from an ankle injury and Dallas Goedert is now out as well.  That is the perfect scenario for LA Rams tight end Gerald Everett. After all, Gerald Everett is having an incredible season in terms of catching 80 percent of the passes thrown his way. Unfortunately for him, the Rams have only thrown 18 passes at him all season.

Ertz is out, and even when he returns, there are whispers that the Philadelphia Eagles are prepared to move on from him next season.  Everett is an ideal player to step up to fill that sort of void.

Right now, the Eagles are counting on the likes of Richard Rodgers and that’s a problem.

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Eagle Everett would produce

As soon as the Philadelphia Eagles get Gerald Everett on the field, he explodes, In  2019, Ertz caught 88 of 135 passes for 916 yards and six touchdowns. Goedert caught 58 of 87 passes thrown his way in 2019 for 607 yards and five touchdowns.  If Everett had that amount of usage, say 100 passes thrown his way, he’d project as 83 receptions from those 100 targets for 980 yards and six touchdowns.

Everett is a gifted weapon. Not only can he catch the ball, but he is devastatingly effective in blocking. Now wouldn’t the Eagles appreciate a tight end who can chip on edge rushers as they begin the route to give the quarterback more time to throw? The Rams have multiple tight end players on their roster, and Everetts contract expires in 2021. The Eagles would be wise to trade for him now and sign him to an extension.