LA Rams blockbuster could net 2nd rounder and Eagles NFC East title

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LA Rams NFL Trade
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The trade

As soon as the Philadelphia Eagles win the NFC East title, they fall in draft position to the bottom of the pile. Regardless of six wins or 10 wins. So any compensation for the Rams players must be based upon the value of the Eagles by season’s end. Now, what about the Rams’ players? For argument’s sake, let’s agree that RB Malcolm Brown is worth a fifth-round pick, WR Josh Reynolds is worth a fourth-round pick, and that Gerald Everett deserves a third-round pick as compensation.

Right now, the Philadelphia Eagles have picks in rounds one, two, three, five, five, six, and seven. They are also projected to be awarded a sixth-round and two seventh-round 2021 NFL Draft compensatory picks. And with the Eagle so underperforming, those draft picks project to fall at the tenth position for each round. But as a playoff team, those picks will fall to 17th or later. So that is where we will assign draft value. That conversion on the 2021 NFL Draft Value chart translates into a 300 value of NFL Draft pick compensation. So the Philadelphia Eagles would receive RB Malcolm Brown, TE Gerald Everett, and WR Josh Reynolds. To help balance out the rosters, the Rams could take S Will Parks and tight end, Hakeem Butler.

The deal

So how does this look on paper? Well, something like this:

Conditional picks are triggered if snap count, games played, or other foreseeable circumstances that alter the value of the exchange significantly. Of course with any trade, this one will attract some ridiculous comments.  And if neither team feels enough value, they simply don’t do the deal.

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The Eagles remain the most likely victors in the NFC East right now. For the cost of a second-round pick, they can secure a playoff berth in a very weak division. Is that worth a pick? Many would think yes. So why would the Rams do this deal? Three players on expiring contracts, all of whom have valuable rookie players waiting patiently on the roster for their chance. And free roster spots give the Rams flexibility to plug thinning ranks on defense.