LA Rams LT Andrew Whitworth playing it by ear

Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth is playing lights out but is playing it by ear this season

The LA Rams signed left tackle Andrew Whitworth to a three-year contract extension this offseason. At the time, the team had painted itself into the corner. There were no alternatives for the offensive line at the left tackle position, and the move ensured that the team would have solid play for the next three seasons.  We think that worked out okay so far, fortunately.

You see, the three-year contract was structured in a way that allows severability in both years two and year three.  While unlikely the Rams will elect to part ways, the language is such that it’s possible to do relatively easily. After all, ‘Big Whit’ is nearly 39 years old.  Even as he seemingly has discovered a fountain of youth, the reality of advancing age will eventually catch up to him. When that happens, neither the Rams nor the player will want to make a huge to-do over the circumstances.

Escape clause

When will that happen? Who’s to say? For now, the veteran left tackle is having the time of his life, playing at the top of his game, and enjoying each moment in the game. That’s a good thing because the LA Rams seem to be without an obvious successor for the left tackle spot should anything happen to Whitworth.

For now, the Rams seem to be grooming rookie offensive tackle Tremayne Anchrum as Whitworth’s successor. But that only addresses the on-field play.  Few can replace Whitworth’s lockerroom sensibility, his ability to laugh spontaneously, and his sage wisdom earned over the years. For everything Andrew Whitworth delivers on the field, he delivers just as much off the field.

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I believe Andrew Whitworth will play out his contract with the Rams. The team seems to reflect how well he plays, and he’s crushing it so far this year. The day may come when he will hang up his cleats, but it is not this day.  When will that day come?  Well, for now, he’s content to play it by ear.