LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours

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LA Rams NFL trade deadline
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LA Rams may move one of several key players before the NFL trade deadline expires in 96 hours

The LA Rams have depth needs at key positions. They also have depth at other spots which can help balance out the depth chart. It is a great way to clear up cap space, while also getting young players for the future.

However, all players on this list are still on rookie deals so there won’t be too much cap clearing. It is more about getting a return on investment, by either moving them before their contracts are up in the offseason or by getting rid of bloated depth to help out other areas that need it.

Two names on this list, for sure, LA Rams general manager Les Snead should be trying to move or take calls for. The other two are just an idea of how the roster is shaping out.

Team structure

With the way the Rams are structured salary cap-wise, it is important to have more draft capital to find cheaper rookies. No draft pick is a certainty and some could bust. So having more increases your chances of finding the diamonds in the rough. It also gives a general manager some fluidity in the draft allowing them to move up to get a much-desired player.

It is also mandatory to offset the expenses of the top of the roster since the Rams are top-heavy. The team has invested heavily in key players. That forces the team to rejuvenate the bottom two-thirds of the roster with talented by inexpensive players.  Here are four possible before-the-NFL-deadline player trades the Rams may be mulling about.