LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours

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LA Rams NFL trade deadline
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Gerald Everett

LA Rams tight end Gerald Everett Is on the final year of his rookie deal. With no information on an extension being done, it’s fair to assume he’s going to hit free agency. Everett has been a very versatile tight end. He’s lined up next to the tackle, out wide, and in the fullback position. If not for Tyler Higbee, he would be a bonafide starter.

So far Everett has taken advantage of his time on the field with a catch percentage of 83.33%. He’s been a reliable target even though he’s only getting 7.13 yards per reception. One team comes to mind as a possible trade partner and that’s the Cincinnati Bengals. Head coach Zac Taylor is familiar with Everett’s capability and with Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah out for the season Everett could take his place. The Bengals also have another tight end, Drew Sample, drafted in the second round in 2019. However, neither tight end is as versatile as Everett when it comes to where he can be lined up as mentioned earlier.

Everett becomes a TE1

While he’s not going to a top ten team, rather a bottom ten, it’s not that bad of a deal for Everett. The Bengals should be slowly ascending under quarterback Joe Burrow and he goes to a team that uses the same system that he currently plays under. He should slide perfectly into the number one tight end spot and they’d pay nicely to keep him in free agency.

The Bengals take a risk at not retaining him in free agency which means the Rams return won’t be as much but still should be able to get a fourth or fifth-rounder.