LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours

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LA Rams NFL trade deadline
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Josh Reynolds

Rams receiver Josh Reynolds is in the same boat as Gerald Everett. The Rams drafted a replacement player this year, and he’s on the final year of his contract. While Reynolds is number three on the depth chart, maybe four with Van Jefferson coming into his own, Reynolds needs room to flourish. While he isn’t a number one receiver, he is still a solid number two and could complement an offense nicely. Two teams come to mind in the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers.

Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles has no receiving targets with most of his receiving core injured. Even before they were injured they weren’t great, to begin with. In a mediocre division, the Eagles front office should do anything to help elevated Wentz and the offense. It also gives them a chance to move off of Alshon Jeffery and get a cheaper option to replace in his role in the offense.

Pack is back

The Packers are in the same boat at the skill positions on offense as the Eagles. In the draft, they didn’t do any favors besides a 2nd round pick to get a back up to current running back Aaron Jones, and a tight end, Josiah Deguara, who’s out for the season. Their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, still needs receiving targets and needs a solid number two option for receiver Davante Adams. While their other receiver Allen Lazard is coming into his own as an undrafted free agent from 2018, getting Rodgers more help should be the goal.

Reynolds is at least worth an early day three pick, and recouping the value the Rams spent on him in 2017. He won’t blow teams away with his physical attributes, but he is a solid player as seen by taking over when Cooper Kupp went down and his role increased.