LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours

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LA Rams NFL trade deadline
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Taylor Rapp

With the emergence of rookie Jordan Fuller at safety Taylor Rapp seemed to have moved down the depth chart. With the high pick, the Rams spent on the depth they could try and recoup some of their lost value. If the Rams can resign John Johnson III and pair with Fuller they could offer to have a cheaper option at depth, namely in recent draft pick Terrell Burgess out of Utah(next season after return from Injury Reserve).

While learning the new system under Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, Rapp inured himself under training camp derailing his progress. This allowed Fuller to make the jump over him. Rapp has also made some mistakes. Obviously as stated earlier this requires the Rams to resign Johnson for this to work but I believe he’s too valuable for the Rams to just let walk in Free Agency. Because of this Rapp will be the odd man out. While he did have an interception last week versus the Bears and showed promise his rookie season, he also did have multiple coverage busts vs the 49ers last year which cost the Rams that game on a 3rd and 15.

Who is shopping for a starting safety?

Who would be interested? The Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints are prime contenders. The Cowboys defense is one of the worst in the league. They’ve needed safety help for the past two seasons, and with them not making a move on free agent Earl Thomas due to character issues they must be looking into alternative options. Rapp is young and makes mistakes, but he is better than what they have now.

The Saints’ defense has also struggled. While their front seven is more solid their back end is not. With Super Bowl hopes in New Orleans they need to make a play to shore up their weaknesses. Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins who they acquired in free agency this year has had his age catch up to him and is now a liability. While Rapp does not have Jenkins’s experience, he has a lot more athletic experience. Maybe he will be able to play overtop of former Ram Jenoris Jenkins and prevent a touchdown every time he blows coverage.