LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Final Thoughts

As stated in the beginning, the Rams are a top-heavy team. That being said, this team needs to acquire as many 2021 NFL Draft picks as possible. Once picks are in hand, the team must then convert those picks into quality players. With players on expiring deals and/or cheaper options on the roster already, it only makes sense to move off them now to stock up for the future.

GM Les Snead has proven time after time that he is great at finding talent, whether that being a first or a seventh-round pick. With Snead’s track record, if a late-round pick is available, he can use that pick to find a player who can help the team the following season.

Round out the roster

Those starters on a rookie deal help to offset some of the more expensive players for less than a fraction of their cost. It’s the only way the Rams can succeed. If not the Rams will be stuck in cap hell and instead of reloading they will be forced to rebuild, which is a concern with so much uncertainty surrounding the future state of the NFL salary cap.

So far the Rams are not connected to any trade rumors, which is odd because Snead always has something cooking. He is probably working behind the scenes and these are the moves I would make if I was in his shoes. But he can surprise everyone.  Something is cooking.  Let’s hope it’s the deal that puts the Rams over the top.