LA Rams defense is slowly filling spots with Staley’s guys

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams new DC Brandon Staley inherited the defensive roster. Slowly but surely, he’s remodeling it with his guys

The LA Rams defense is based on three principles. The 3-4 defensive line must be brutally strong and durable. They are both run stoppers and pass rushers. For the linebackers, they need to be swiss army knives. To succeed, they must stop the run, defend the pass, set the edge, plug the hole, tackle like a locomotive, and get to the passer like lightning and thunder.  Finally, the secondary must be filled with players who can play both man and zone. They need to be good communicators, good tacklers and diagnose plays as they unfold.

Not everyone flourishes in this defense. But those who do, perform incredibly well. Take last-minute acquisition, LB Justin Hollins?

Keep in mind that Hollins was signed off the waiver wire

Staley’s guys filling the roster

Then there is veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd.  He was paired up rather quickly with rookie OLB Terrell Lewis. That was no mistake. Brandon Staley loves to pressure the quarterback from the edge, and both players have more than enough power and speed to deliver exactly that.  But while they can get to the quarterback, they and defend the pass, set the edge, and even stand their ground and shed blockers.

Staley worked his magic on the defensive secondary as well, keying in on players who can play multiple roles and defend a receiver in each of them. Of course, it helps greatly when you have All-Pro defensive back, Jalen Ramsey, in the mix. But thank Staley for putting his stamp of approval on Terrell Burgess and Jordan Fuller, two young players who are definitely part of the Rams future plans.

Next. LA Rams may move a key player within the next 96 hours. dark

The Rams will see more turnover on the defense as Brandon Staley continues to move the roster towards players who fit his defense. For now? Fans can enjoy the ride. After all, it’s pretty good as is.