3 reasons why LA Rams make right call by going with K Forbath

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LA Rams Kai Forbath
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Sloman struggled

The fact is that Forbath did not win the job as much as rookie kicker Sam Sloman lost the job.  At no other position is the trials and tribulations of each opportunity to perform on public display like the kicker. Make the kick, and the scoreboard reflects the results. Miss the kick, and the scoreboard simply doesn’t change. Unfortunately, the scoreboard simply didn’t change often enough.

The Rams field goal unit was one of the worst in the NFL. Sloman was just 72.7 percent accurate on field goals. That was further complicated by an inability to kick a long field goal. One of the reasons for the Rams disappointing season in 2019 was the sudden inability of kicker Greg Zuerlein to hit anything beyond 40 years. His five of eleven at 40-50 yard range was a huge disappointment from 2019.

LA Rams never had a chance of re-signing K Greg Zuerlein. light. Trending

Rams avoided the issue

When the Rams sought a new kicker, the Rams had the ideal situation of finding a kicker who was both accurate and could kick beyond a 40-yard range. What they got in rookie kicker Sam Sloman was neither.  Sloman was only good for eight of eleven.  While perfect five of five from 30-39 yards, he missed one at 20-30 yard range. But worst of all, he was just 33 percent over 40 yards.  It was so bad that the Rams often punted rather than attempt a long field goal.

Perhaps the hope was to find another Greg Zuerlein?  Well, that didn’t work because even as an NFL rookie, Zuerlein boomed field goals from long-range.  Perhaps the Rams hope Sloman could grow into the role?  But each game was a white knuckler. Sloman kicked line drives, and the NFL knows how to block line drives. The Rams rookie had three extra points blocked, and three field goals blocked. Not a good start to the 2020 season. So the Rams signed the former Dallas Cowboys kicker Kai Forbath.