3 reasons why LA Rams make right call by going with K Forbath

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LA Rams Kai Forbath
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Kai Forbath can kick long-distance field goals

The LA Rams were reportedly unhappy with Greg Zuerlein’s 2019 performance where he only kicked five of 11 field goals from the 40-49 yard range. That was enough to sink the Rams to the bottom of the NFL rankings. One cold streak, particularly one that lasts an NFL season, can cripple a team’s postseason chances, and end a kicker’s career.

Over his career, Forbath has kicked 55 of 69 field goals over 40+ yards.  That’s a career success of 80 percent, which is exactly what these LA Rams need. Breaking it down further, Forbath is a career 86 percent accurate from the 40-49 yard range, and 63 percent accurate beyond 50 yards.  For comparison purposes, Zuerlein is a career 79 percent accurate from the 40-49 yard range, and 58 percent accurate beyond 50 yards.

Now for the second half

The LA Rams have some things to figure out, and perhaps even to correct, in the second half of the season. The offense has most certainly eroded, particularly in the area of putting points on the board. Of course, one way to do so is not missing field goals, and even making long-range field goals over punting the ball away.  Adding enough little components together can make a huge impact on the Rams’ ability to score.

Next. 49ers TNF flop did not help the LA Rams reputation. dark

For now, the LA Rams made the correct choice by signing Kai Forbath. Some call him a journeyman. Some just call him a temporary patch for the team.  For now, and for the foreseeable future, he is the starting kicker for the LA Rams.  The Rams have more work to do on the offense, that’s certain.  But with a veteran kicker, that concern has been addressed for now.  Is it fixed? Let’s hope so.   The LA Rams are a good football team this year, but not so elite that they have enough capacity on offense or defense to compensate for misfires on special teams.  Kai Forbath is aboard. Now, onto bigger and badder issues!