3 reasons why LA Rams blew it by failing to trade for Ryan Kerrigan

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LA Rams Ryan Kerrigan NFL Trade deadline
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Reason I: The LA Rams could use OLB depth

The LA Rams have not had a full outside linebacker room all season.  Whether it was the absence of Terrell Lewis or the injury to Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, the Rams have been a player short all season long. In fact, the situation grew so dire that the Rams signed versatile linebacker Justin Hollins to fill the gaps at both inside and outside linebacker.

The Rams have a hodgepodge of players at the edge right now. But of the group, Floyd is the only true field-tested veteran. Hollins is doing well in his relief/rotational role. The Rams continue to hope for the arrival of rookie Terrell Lewis. In 55 defensive snaps, Lewis is still trying to get up to NFL speed at the position. The Rams have also sprinkled a bit of Jachai Polite on the edge.

No margin for error

The Rams continue to await the return to health of Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Until he is back, the Rams are running at a bare staffing minimum for both the inside and outside linebacker positions.  Even when Obo returns, the Rams do not have much wiggle room for injuries at the position. That will likely not change now for the rest of the season.

LA Rams queue rookie S Jordan Fuller to return. dark. Next

Yes, many are okay with the Rams standing pat on this roster. And some do not see the intrinsic value of adding a veteran like Ryan Kerrigan for half of the NFL season. But this is about winning in the playoffs now. The LA Rams will face some of the best offenses if they make the playoffs, and those offenses will have very good offensive lines. The more pressure that the LA Rams can put on opposing quarterbacks, the better.  The Rams failed to add Ryan Kerrigan, who is still a dominant defensive player in the NFL.  Let’s hope that the LA Rams don’t pay for the mistake.