3 reasons why LA Rams WR Van Jefferson will break out after bye

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Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams Van Jefferson
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The LA Rams aerial assault needs more firepower. Here are 3 reasons why rookie WR Jefferson becomes a staple of the offense after the bye week

If you believed you would see a lot of LA Rams rookie wide receiver Van Jefferson this season, you are likely rather disappointed right now. After all, many rookies are already firmly entrenched in their respective offenses and earning their share of NFL headlines. But the LA Rams have been running their offense like a sleepy town in the valley.  Changes have passed this offense by, leaving the 2020 Rams offense in almost an identical way as the 2019 version had left it.

Wasn’t this a year of big changes? After all, the Rams had parted ways with both featured running back Todd Gurley and speedy receiver Brandin Cooks. This was supposed to be the season of lessons learned, an offense that adapted to take what defenses would give. This was a team that would refocus upon the running game, two-tight end formations, and advancing the ball type of offense.

Memo got lost

That plan seems to have gotten tossed into the wastebasket. Instead, the Rams are running a lot of their 2019 offense, albeit with a few new faces. The Rams have yet to reconfigure their offensive personnel packages based on the defense they encounter. Rather, the team seems to double down on running the same plays repeatedly in hopes that the offense will find better execution.

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So far, the Rams have not succeeded at those attempts. That should prompt the coaching staff to explore new options of moving the ball and putting points onto the board, One of those options is rookie WR Van Jefferson. While he is 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, he has already earned his reputation at running routes like he was on a rail.  He gets to his spot when he needs to and has the upside for great things in the NFL.