3 reasons why LA Rams WR Van Jefferson will break out after bye

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LA Rams Van Jefferson
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Rams future

The LA Rams are staring into the abyss after the 2020 NFL season once more. That is due to the fact that this team projects to lose up to 16 players from their 53 man roster next year, including wide receiver Josh Reynolds.  Translating all of that means rookie Van Jefferson is integral to the Rams’ future.

Jefferson will face NFC West opponents twice a season for his career with the LA Rams. So it makes sense to get him onto the field and competing sooner rather than later. Jefferson is NFL-ready talent, and it’s simply unreasonable for the offense to wallow in meh while leaving rookie talent to watch from the pine bench. The time to put Jefferson into the game for more than one pass is now.

Time to reheat the rookie

Out of training camp, Jefferson was averaging 33 percent of the offensive snaps. That number plummeted when he fumbled the ball against the Buffalo Bills. In fact, in the six games, Jefferson has seen fewer offensive snaps than he did in the first two games. That’s a significant drop of usage, and clearly one intended to instruct the rookie to exercise far better ball security.

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But enough is enough. Defenses are keying on Kupp and Woods, and practically ignoring Jefferson nearly as much as the Rams ignore him. It’s time for the Rams to reheat the rookie, get him involved in the offense, and start to confuse defenses once more.  Jefferson is a natural on the football field. He wants to break out in the second half of the season. It’s time for the LA Rams to do everything in their power to make sure that he does.