LA Rams pass defense to face Seahawks aerial assault

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams pass defense will need to play nearly a flawless game to ground the Seattle Seahawks’ dangerous aerial assault

The LA Rams struggled to keep the Buffalo Bills passing offense in check. Now, the Rams will have another chance to ground a dangerous aerial offense. They may do a better job this time around. After all, the LA Rams defense now has eight games under its belt, not two. And the Rams have had enough time to tweak their defensive configuration, which allows star defensive back Jalen Ramsey to choose his target, and builds the secondary around him.

The LA Rams are no slouches this season when the quarterback drops back to pass. The Rams have only allowed nine passing touchdowns, the fewest in the NFL. They have also allowed just 197.1 yards through the air per game, good enough to be ranked second-best in the NFL. While the Rams have not faced a passing offense like that of the Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson, the same can be said of Wilson and the Seahawks not facing a passing defense like this.

Bring ‘im down

That’s just the air defense folks. Now for the fun part. The Seattle Seahawks have averaged three sacks on Russell Wilson per game, one of the worst in the NFL.  The LA Rams have averaged just over three sacks on opposing quarterbacks per game. And that was before the arrival of nose tackle A’Shawn Robinson. The Seahawks weakness lines up against one of the Rams’ strengths.

Of course, the Seahawks could throw a curveball at the Rams and try to run against their defense. But lo and behold, the Rams rushing defense is among the top five in the NFL this year as well. The Seahawks will be very reluctant to take the ball out of Wilson’s hands, so the Rams should be ready for an aerial barrage in this one. Thankfully, the secondary should be fully healed for this one.  You can expect the Rams to go with an extensive array of nickel and dime formations in the secondary.

This defense can do good things this weekend

Only the Minnesota Vikings managed to hold the Seahawks to under 30 points so far this year. I believe that this Rams defense is capable of beating that.  Optimistically, the Rams need to score at least 35 points and to aim and holding the Seahawks to three touchdowns. Considering that the Rams have done a remarkable job in the second half, it’s entirely possible. Of course, the Buffalo Bills, another dangerous passing team, managed to score 14 points on the Rams in the second half to win.

But this one is in Sofi Stadium. The Seahawks are not the Buffalo Bills. The Rams pass defense is as healthy as it’s been all season. And this one is a must-win for the LA Rams to have any hope of more than a late-seeded wildcard team in the playoffs. This weekend’s game must be the place where the Rams let it all on the football field. The Rams have yet to play a complete game.

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I think the stars and Rams align for this one. The only thing better than being a great defense? Being a great defense and facing a great offense.