LA Rams ‘team killer’ Aaron Donald to terrorize Seahawks once more

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald set to terrorize the Seahawks once more, earning his 2019 designation ”team killer’

While the outcome of any game between the LA Rams and the Seattle Seahawks have never been easy to predict, there is one constant that anyone who cheers for the Rams can count on. That is the fact that All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald will harass Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson for the entire game. Donald has been such a consistent and unshakable pain to the Seattle Seahawks that he has been designated as their ‘team killer’ by Pro Football Focus in a 2019 article written by Ben Linsey.

How did Aaron Donald earn such a prestigious, and terrifying, designation? Well, the criteria are set thusly:  A player who has played a minimum of 300 snaps against a given team and picked up the highest overall grade in the PFF era (2006-present). Of course, in the article, Donald is a team-killer to all three rival NFC West teams. But rest assured, his best grade comes at the expense of the Seattle Seahawks. And you can also bet that Aaron Donald savors the games against Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson just a bit more than others.

Run Russell run

The Seattle Seahawks have never boasted excellence on their offensive line.  They could be categorized as good in 2014 and 2018.  Over his career, Aaron Donald has sacked Russell Wilson 13 times in 12 games.  Keep in mind, that in terms of offensive lines, the Seahawks are not good this year.  They have allowed Wilson to be sacked 24 times so far this season.  And you know struggling offensive lines put an extra skip into the step of Aaron Donald.

Keep in mind that the Rams will likely be debuting their new veteran nose tackle A’Shawn Robinson as well. The last time that the Rams has a man of Robinson’s strength and size on the defensive line was Ndamukong Suh, and Donald erupted for 20.5 sacks that season.  At the mid-point this season, Donald is already at nine quarterback sacks, averaging more than one per game. Now with the arrival of Robinson, and facing the Seahawks offensive line twice in the next eight games, Donald has a chance at besting his career-high annual sack total this season.

A must-win game could be fun to watch

That’s fantastic for the LA Rams. But it does not bode well for the Seattle Seahawks and their quarterback Russell Wilson.  ‘Team killer’ Aaron Donald has made a career of dominating the Seattle Seahawks and sacking their quarterback. But he has more allies this year than ever before. And the Seahawks offensive line is already struggling.

Of course, the Seattle Seahawks plan to win the game, not simply show up to allow Aaron Donald to inch closer to a career-record. And as they are quite familiar with Donald’s abilities to decimate their offensive line, they’ll likely have two or three blockers in Donald’s way in this one. That’s why it’s so important to get 6-foot-4 330-pound A’Shawn Robinson on the defensive front for this one too. With his presence, the Rams will have numerous options to stunt to get to Wilson.

Imagine having a shaky offensive line and planning to stop Aaron Donald. How do you do it? I don’t think that the Seahawks can. Instead, they can simply plan to make it tougher for Donald by pitting two blockers against him and rolling away from him. But the Rams can counter by sending Donald over center.

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Team Killer Aaron Donald is ready to terrrorize the Seattle Seahawks once more. Are you?