Latest LA Rams News: Team cuts Cabral, creates concerns for 2021

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LA Rams News: Teams cuts rookie center Cohl Cabral, setting up roster concerns for next season

The LA Rams were not exactly set for their center position coming into 2020. In fact, of all their offensive line positions, the center seemed to be the most unsettled. After all, the position fell quickly in performance in 2019 as the Rams tried to segue from veteran John Sullivan to rookie Brian Allen.

But Allen did not seem to be the right player at the center position. He struggled under pressure,  oftentimes choosing to double up an already engaged defensive lineman rather than engage a free defender. After he fell to injury, the Rams pulled offensive guard Austin Blythe to the role, where he seemed to solidify the position. The problem was that Blythe’s contract expired at the end of 2019, and Allen’s recovery would extend well into the 2020 NFL season. So the Rams needed more.

Cabral arrives, Cabral leaves

The Rams scouted a center, Cesar Ruiz, for the 2020 NFL Draft, but the New Orleans Saints selected Ruiz with the 24th pick.  That thwarted the Rams hopes to draft a lineman.  Fortunately, the Rams had agreed to bring back Blythe on a one-year deal.   It also allowed the Rams to go a bit deeper, and plan to develop a center for the future.  They ended up signing undrafted free agent Cohl Cabral.

Now with Blythe starting, Cabral developing, and Allen healing, the Rams felt like a team with a good grasp of the future for the critical position.  Until they decided to cut Cabral from their practice squad, that is.

That move leaves the Rams a bit thin at center. While Austin Blythe is performing well at the position, the team has Allen as the backup.  In 2021, the team only has Allen on the roster.

Rams center future is off-center

While the team can make another stab at promoting Coleman Shelton, or converting swiss-army-knife Jamil Demby into the position, the fact remains that the offense that seemed to have a plan in 2021 now appears to be counting on some lucky charm to find their starter at the center position for next season.

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The team has valid reasons for freeing up roster spots, and they certainly had a tough choice in determining where to make changes. But the Rams failed to do right for the center position in the off-season. Instead of a long-term solution, the team went with a one-year stopgap. that was fine as long as someone would be in place to take over in 2021. Now? That is in question.  Sure, the Rams may have cut an undrafted rookie from the practice squad. Many will conclude so what?  But the move is evidence that there is no solid plan in place for 2021, and that means Fans get to enjoy another white knuckler ride once more.