Tuesday travels among LA Rams rivals in the NFC West

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It’s very difficult to get a good handle on exactly how good these Arizona Cardinals are right now. On the plus side, they are undefeated in the division, winning a game from the 49ers and the Seahawks. So that pushes the needle to very good. But then, you see other wins against Washington, the New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys, and the luster of their record dims a bit.

Then, examining losses against the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and Miami Dolphins, two coming at home, and the Cardinals appear to be a team that will struggle to win eight games this year. The Cardinals have a very potent offense, and a surprisingly better than expected defense. Or are they?

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A much tougher second half to their season

The Arizona Cardinals have benefitted from playing the Jets, Giants, Washington, and a Dallas team that lost Dak Prescott for the season. Four of the Cardinals’ first eight games were against the worst offenses in the NFL. Much like the 49ers from the last page, the Cardinals have surrendered 34 points in each of the last two games. So, for honesty’s sake, the Cardinals will not win many games by the hands of their defense.

But they will put up points, thanks to the legs and passing arm of quarterback Kyler Murray. When he gets hot passing and running the ball, he is a formidable passer. But he still makes mistakes, costly mistakes. When he struggles to find his new favorite receiver DeAndre Hopkins, the Cardinals struggle as well. The Cardinals have benefitted from a last-place schedule and the element of surprise.  I can’t see as many surprises left for the Cardinals, a team that could drop their next two games as they host the Buffalo Bills, then travel on a short week to face the Seahawks.