3 reasons why rookie RB Cam Akers will breakout after bye

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LA Rams Cam Akers
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Balance workload of carrying the ball

The LA Rams running game is made up of three components. 50 percent of the offensive snaps go to veteran running back Malcolm Brown. 50 percent of the teams running plays go to second-year running back Darrell Henderson. And the third category is simply all others.  To spell it out for readers who do not make the instant connection, Cam Akers is among the all-others category.

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So far, the LA Rams have been giving Henderson the runs, and Brown the offensive snaps. And so far, both Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson have tried to fight through nagging injuries.  Brown has had to play through a broken finger. Henderson has already suffered a hamstring injury, and he suffered a deep thigh bruise against the Miami Dolphins. In fact, the bruise continues to impact Henerson’s ability to practice some ten days later.

The Rams have not kept their promise to distribute carries among all three running backs.

Freshest legs on the team

Whether or not you believe Cam Akers is the best option to run the ball right now, he is most certainly the freshest pair of legs on the roster. We keep repeating the fact that the Rams persistence to run the ball through Henderson and Brown is accelerating their wear and tear. Meanwhile, not getting the ball in Akers’ hands is hindering his ability to develop and grow this season.  If the Rams are clinging to any hopes of using Akers effectively in the NFL Playoffs, he will need to get the lion’s share of touches now.

If the Rams value Cam Akers, then the time is now to see what a true workload in his hand resembles.  The team has allowed Darrell Henderson to get banged up. With most of the offensive snaps going to Brown, how long before he is nursing an injury and hoping to be able to suit up for the next game? The Rams have more than one reason to suit Cam Akers up this weekend and see what he can do against the Seattle Seahawks.

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It’s now or never.  Give Cam Akers the ball, and let’s see what happens. It’s time.