5 reasons why LA Rams QB Jared Goff erupts at SoFi Stadium

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IV – Rams have many offensive weapons

The LA Rams seem to have fewer offensive snaps than weapons. In any game, the Rams somehow seem to have overlooked a player or two who has been very productive. It’s as though the Rams run out of offensive opportunities in the heat of the moment, and fail to distribute the ball evenly throughout the offense.

The biggest rut the Rams offense has found itself in recently is passing the ball constantly to wide receiver Cooper Kupp. He has been targeted by the offense 50 times in the past five games, and 35 times in the past three games. In all three losses by the Rams so far this season, the Rams have passed the ball to Kupp at least nine times. In those losses, Kupp has only managed to catch 58 percent of the passes thrown his way, and only scored once.

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Rams distribute ball

Look for the Rams to distribute the ball often in this one. We know that both Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett can be very effective receivers and the Rams have hesitated to use much 12 package offense. This could be the game where the Rams dust it off. That use of heavy tight ends will force the Seahawks to play closer to the line of scrimmage and could be a very effective means of setting up screens and deep seam routes to keep that defense on its heels.

The Rams have plenty of receiver options too. Robert Woods, Josh Reynolds, and Van Jefferson could be devastatingly effective in this game. Not just in how the Rams flood the secondary, but in running precise routes to arrive at the right location when the ball gets there.