5 reasons why LA Rams QB Jared Goff erupts at SoFi Stadium

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III – Rams can exploit Seahawks secondary

The LA Rams offense has felt out of synch of late.  In two of the last three games, the offense struggled to score 20 points and lost. But in all honesty, the offense has been much less effective in the last three games. Of course, the teams faced played a big part in that. The San Francisco 49ers, the Chicago Bears, and the Miami Dolphins all had excellent pass defenses.

The Rams still managed to put up 355 passing yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins. Now, the Rams face the worst pass defense in the NFL.

While there is every likelihood that the Seahawks will figure out defending the pass at some point, I can’t see it this weekend.

Also. LA Rams offense needs to come out swinging against Seahawks. light

Rams pass offense will rebound

The presumption of the Seahawks fixing a historically bad pass defense seems far less likely than the Rams fixing an out-of-synch but good passing offense. The Rams offense starting out the season was as good as it has ever been. But the team had several things working against them. The Rams had five of their first eight games on the road, with four of those games cross-country games on the East Coast.

The Rams benefit from having a bye week and emerging to play at home. That has allowed the team to reset the offense to face their most dangerous division rival of the season. And the Rams have the benefit of seeing how their defenses have used Carlos Dunlap in a pass-rush role. The Rams had plenty of opportunities to get this right. I believe that they do.