ESPN’s Greeny calls LA Rams Jalen Ramsey ‘Best week 10 player in the NFL’

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Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports /

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg cites LA Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey as the NFL’s best player in week 10

The LA Rams do not get many headlines. So when it happens, it’s truly worth sharing. After all, it’s rather difficult for so many NFL experts to do an about-face in mid-season.  That is particularly true when so many predicted the Rams to end up in the basement of the NFC West, and finishing this season no better than .500.

Thankfully, that does not seem likely. And that is partially thanks to defensive back Jalen Ramsey, who has certainly turned the Rams recent contract extension this season into immediate dividends.  Well, we’ve known about the LA Rams and Jalen Ramsey’s talents all season. But the national media? They needed a reason to rethink their views on the LA Rams. After the Rams held the Seattle Seahawks to half their usual points total, that became a catalyst to look over the Rams once more.

ESPN Mike Greenberg can’t stop praising LA Rams Jalen Ramsey

One of the more objective sports analysts today is ESPN analyst, Mike Greenberg. While many make a name for themselves by weighing in on the most controversial sports topics with the most outlandish takes, Greeny does the opposite. He keeps one foot on the ground, asks logical questions, and tosses the BS flag frequently to people who launch themselves into an undefendable position.

So when he heaped praises upon the LA Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey, you knew it was bona fide.  But when you hear and see the full extent of his praise, the reality hits you. He just said that Jalen Ramsey ‘pulled a Revis’.

The reference is to one of the all-time great cornerbacks of the NFL, Darrell Revis

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Revis Island, now Ramsey island

Darrell Revis was an All-Pro cornerback who originally began his NFL career with the New York Jets. One of the original defenders who truly earned the designation of shut-down cornerback, Revis was famous for his term ‘Revis Island’.  What he meant by that was his ability to play man against virtually any wide receiver of his time, and defend that player without assistance.

The result of that confrontation typically came out in Revis’ favor. In fact, he was so good at his duties, that oftentimes teams simply planned to throw to secondary and tertiary receivers.  Curiously, that is exactly what is happening when opponents face the Rams. So in essence, what was once Revis Island is now becoming Ramsey Island.

Greeny gets it right

Listen, Greeny does not gush or exaggerate. Even during his praise upon Jalen Ramsey, he makes it a point to avoid praising the as-yet-unproven LA Rams defense as a whole. But he’s made the connection of Jalen Ramey to one of the NFL’s great cornerbacks Darrell Revis, a connection we made almost six months ago. And we cited Ramsey’s mentorship, dominance, and loyalty as reasons why it was the correct decision to make him the highest-paid defensive back in the NFL.

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Sometimes the joy of getting it right isn’t the ‘we’re right’ at all. It’s the elation that happens when the results exceed our wildest hopes and optimism. I love to be wrong sometimes. It’s truly the best opportunity to learn something new. But we didn’t miss this one. We’ve been lobbying hard for Jalen Ramsey since he’s arrived, and he’s done nothing but prove that our faith in his play has been justified. The Rams will need to ensure that Ramsey is surrounded by talented teammates, as other receivers will get plenty of targets.