LA Rams News: Time to add LA Rams to the NFL Pro Bowl

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams News: Fans of the NFL, and especially the LA Rams, can now vote for your favorite players to participate in the NFL Pro Bowl

LA Rams News:  The team boasts some outstanding players on the roster this season. And each year, NFL fans are mystified by the player who are excluded from the annual NFL Pro Bowl. The is itself mystifying, but the Pro Bowl selections are impacted, in part, by the votes of fans just like you or me. So vote!

Well, perhaps we need to elaborate a bit on that one, eh? Our mistake. So let’s explain the process, and how you, the fans, can help to choose the NFL players who will earn this year’s distinction.  Voting begins on November 17, and will remain open until December 12. You can find the entire rules of the process at this NFL Website.

Voting rules

There is no cost to vote for your favorite player. So fans are encouraged to vote multiple times and as often as they would like to support their favorite players. As the past two years, the voting window will run for four weeks, beginning today and concluding on Thursday, December 12. Voting is available online and on web-enabled mobile phones by going to

Fans can also vote for their favorite NFL Players on Twitter from November 28-December 12.  To do so, fans should tweet the first and last name of the player, the player’s official Twitter handle, or a hashtag including the player’s first and last name. Once you have identified the player you wish to vote for using one of these three methods, you must also include the hashtag: #ProBowlVote.

Rams need your votes

Don’t expect fans of the NFL to appreciate the hard efforts of Rams players. That’s up to you and is why the LA Rams Twitter account is urging fans to vote as often as possible for their favorite players.  If you are stuck on social media and have a few minutes, you can help the Rams earn a Pro Bowl berth.

To do so, just tweet a # followed by their name, and then followed by #ProBowlVote,
Here are our suggestions for players who you may feel deserve to be voted in this year. You can copy and paste each line directly to your Twitter and send it to vote.

#JaredGoff #ProBowlVote
#DarrellHenderson #ProBowlVote
#CooperKupp #ProBowlVote
#RobertWoods #ProBowlVote
#AndrewWhitworth #ProBowlVote
#AaronDonald #ProBowlVote
#DariousWilliams #ProBowlVote
#JordanFuller #ProBowlVote
#JalenRamsey #ProBowlVote
#JohnJohnsonIII #ProBowlVote
#LeonardFloyd #ProBowlVote

Of course, if you do not see one of your favorite players in the list above, just be sure to tweet their name followed by #ProBowlVote.

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The LA Rams are giving their all this season. With a record of 6-3 and 4-0 at home, the LA Rams continue to play before empty stands at SoFi Stadium. This is your chance to let the players hear your cheers in the form of votes. Don’t stay silent for this one. This is your chance to let players know just how much you appreciate their efforts. And like any good deed, you’ll be glad that you did.