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LA Rams practice squad loses 3 to COVID-19 IR

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams News: NFL braces for the second wave of COVID-19, as team places 3 PS players on IR

LA Rams News: The LA Rams are as vulnerable to the devastating impact of a player testing positively for COVID-19 as any NFL team. While the LA Rams have sidestepped this dangerous issue so far, the list of NFL teams whose active rosters have been impacted is growing day by day.  It was a risk the NFL and NFLPA anticipated for the entire 2020 NFL season.

The Rams have not gone completely untouched by the pandemic. In fact, the Rams were the first team to experience a positive test when center Brian Allen tested positive during his rehab session with the team. Then Andrew Whitworth shared his offseason coronavirus experience.  Of course, then Terrell Lewis landed on COVID-19/IR during training camp.

COVID-19 IR update

Through it all, the LA Rams were able to keep their team on track and their projected 53-man active roster intact.  Thanks to stringent preventative measures, the team has managed to do that this season. But the 16 man practice squad was not as lucky, as the team reported its first new positive test of a practice squad player.

Due to NFL protocol, any players within proximity of the player who tested positive are also subject.  So the Rams have taken the appropriate action with three players. The news comes on the heels of the NFL amplifying their vigilance and intensity for protocols as the nation is subjected to another wave of the virus.

The Rams continue to play in an empty stadium. The team continues to adhere to the NFL protocols. And so far, it’s worked. But this is a very infectious disease with no known cure. It can affect one person with no symptoms, yet be fatal to another.

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The Rams continue to compete in professional football amidst this pandemic. They are not in a bubble, so they return to their families and homes at the end of each day. They shop, they dine, they do all of the activities that everyone else does. And so, they are just as at risk of contracting the disease, or being close to someone who does, as we are. The goal is winning. But 2020 has added a new goal to the season – staying healthy.