13 options from NFL Free Agency who LA Rams must try out ASAP

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LA Rams NFL Free Agency
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams to try out these 13 players from NFL Free Agency ASAP as potential replacements for roster vacancies

The LA Rams lost an offensive tackle, kicker, and defensive back in the aftermath of their game with the Seattle Seahawks. While it’s not the end of the Rams’ chances to compete for an NFL Playoffs berth, it most certainly has not made the trek any easier.  The Rams are not an offensive powerhouse in 2020. As such, the team will ‘feel’ any injuries and will need to compensate accordingly.

While the defense has been the mainstay of the Rams success, the defensive roster was fairly thing, and now with two linebackers and two defensive backs unable to suit up, the Rams must consider the obvious. Like it or not, the Rams need to call in the cavalry and invite some players in for tryouts from NFL Free Agency. So who are we talking about? Well, here are a baker’s dozen to mull over.

13- S Thomas

Safety Earl Thomas brings the pain and the boom when he arrives, and it’s not always limited to the opponent.  He’s the name that everyone talks about, but nobody is signing. That could be due to the fact that signing Thomas can adversely negate hopes for a compensatory pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. But the Rams are now down by two defensive backs. The strategy of future years should be waning to the tactical needs of the present.

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He’s a ten-year veteran who has been a key contributor to the incredible secondaries of the Seattle Seahawks. But he became unmanageable with the easy-going Seahawks, lasted just one season with the Baltimore Ravens, and is now available. If the Rams can ‘patch’ their roster with a short-duration contract. In terms of skillsets, Thomas is an ideal veteran. He’s strong in coverage, can hit hard, and is a sure-handed tackler. He can be used in many versatile roles. Is he worth a tryout? Definitely. Is he worth a contract? Well, let’s see how the tryout goes.