13 options from NFL Free Agency who LA Rams must try out ASAP

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Baker’s dozen bonus

Of course, while the LA Rams have the invitations being sent out, why not add a bit more ‘oomph’ to this defensive roster as well?  After all, the Rams continue to play a bit shorthanded at the linebacker position. Projected starting ILB Travin Howard was injured for the season in training camp, followed by rookie Terrell Lewis spending time on Injured Reserve. Now Ogbonnia “Obo” Okoronkwo is recovering from elbow surgery.

While the Rams have ‘made do’ with their remaining players, the fewer number of available players has lengthened the rotation for starters. That has translated into a higher risk for injuries on the remaining players. While the Rams are enjoying a sudden burst of production from their edge rushers, the team would be wise to audition more players to help their playoff run.

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3-OLB Wake

Veteran edge rusher Cameron Wake has played 11 quality seasons in the NFL, and there is certainly enough gas in the tank for more football. He is a versatile player, who has lined up both as a defensive end and as an outside linebacker. At 6-foot-3 and 263 pounds, he is the right size to fill the role of either position successfully.

Wake is a very intriguing free agent when projected into the LA Rams defense.  While the Rams are good at defensive line, Wake could take a rotation at outside linebacker, plus take snaps when the Rams need to go with a big package to defend short yardage. Wake can play the edge, make tackles, and help develop younger players. With over 100 career sacks, he would be a wise addition to this roster and therefore should be a player invited in for a tryout as soon as possible.