We’re still very bullish on LA Rams NT A’Shawn Robinson

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

While LA Rams NT Robinson saw minimal action in his debut, we’re still very bullish on him for this season

LA Rams nose tackle A’Shawn Robinson had quite the build-up for his debut on the LA Rams defense. So much expectation, and yet so little action. The big man played for just ten defensive snaps and made two tackles and had one quarterback hit. For the game, that was 15 percent of the defensive snaps.  It was a logical debut, if not a bells and whistles one.

But it proved that he was effective. He was involved in the outcome of 30 percent of the snaps he was involved in. That’s a pretty solid success rate. And it’s just the beginning. You see, the Rams take the football field once more. In the next game, I would expect Robinson to play nearly 25 percent of the defensive snaps.  While that will likely be a maximum of 20 plays, it’s a significant step forward.

Wait until Robinson gets into a rhythm

The first time out, even as a veteran, is like driving an unfamiliar automobile. Everything ‘feels’ off slightly. With no familiarity, there are no reflex actions. That means that the brain must be active during the entire play. So it is for professional athletes. And A’Shawn Robinson, playing nose tackle for the LA Rams defensive line, likely had a lot to think about and process in that first game.

But as quickly as the second game, reflexes begin to kick in. That’s due to the fact that after a game, the player’s brain starts to relate weekly practices to the upcoming game day reflexes. In short, practices now actively improve reflexes in the next game. While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be almost entirely focused upon blocking Aaron Donald, Robinson will almost certainly have a steady diet of one-on-one blocking for the entire game.

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Robinson is critical for success at the upcoming Monday Night Football. Stout, big, and powerful, he is one of the best run defenders in the NFL. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be working the running game hard to slow down the pass rush for Tom Brady. But look for Robinson to get a sack against Brady.  The defense is going to have a good game once more. And this time, Robinson will be on the field far more often.