Seven LA Rams events we are thankful for this year

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As we turn the page to Thanksgiving Day, here are the top seven LA Rams events we are thankful for this year

The LA Rams have surprised many, confirmed the expectations of some, but to all have become a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. After their bye week on week nine, the LA Rams have defeated the Seattle Seahawks at SoFi Stadium, followed by a road victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The sudden success has vaulted the Rams from a semi-successful third-place standing in the NFC West, to the pinnacle. With so much success so far this season, it’s time to take stock of what we have to be thankful for along the way. Call it a bit of ‘journey appreciation’ if you will. So far, this NFL season, and 2020 overall, has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. So this is our chance to stop the bus, get off, and stretch our legs a bit.


The Rams have been on a bit of a mini-winning streak. after falling to 5-3 at the bye week, the Rams have exploded for wins against two NFC teams bound for the playoffs. And yet, the Rams still have that feeling of ‘their best is yet to come’. Even as the Rams gird their loins for their final six games, there is a growing sense of this team meeting its destiny.

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A year ago, the LA Rams entered their 11th game at 6-4 and proceeded to play horrifically against the Baltimore Ravens 45-6.  That pushed the Rams to 6-5, a hole that the team would be unable to climb out of. A year later, the scenario has changed considerably. The Rams already feel like a playoff team and have six more opportunities to showcase why for the NFL. But what got the team here? And what about this season do we have to be thankful for? Here are our top seven: