Seven LA Rams events we are thankful for this year

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VII – The LA Rams get to play the 2020 NFL season

Let’s begin with the basics. At the onset of the 2020 NFL Season, there were as many reasons why this year would not take place as would take place. Thinking back, the risk of a nationwide coronavirus pandemic derailed the NBA and NHL seasons. It short-circuited the start of the MLB season. The NFL, by sheer luck, had just ended their 2019 season and were able to watch other professional sport and adopt protocols.

But even strict health policies and protocols could only do so much. This was a year that forced scouting reports to be based almost entirely upon virtual analysis. The NFL reworked the training camp rules to virtual experiences. And the NFL changed the rules of an NFL Draft to eliminate an audience, becoming the first telecast but not in-person draft held by the NFL since 1979. Since April 29, 1980, the NFL has televised each NFL Draft.

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No fans in the stands

The NFL coordinated with Federal, State, Municipal, and Local authorities regarding a myriad of newly-enacted regulations. Of course, the initial wave included wearing a face mask, remaining six-feet apart, and remaining at home unless absolutely necessary.  Those rules created a lot of questions among NFL players and coaches over how they could possibly pull off a season.

But the NFL and NFLPA came through.  With the formation of a minimal-contact training camp schedule, to the elimination of preseason games, both sides forged a player-safe environment that ensured games could be played, but would not place participants at unnecessary high-risk. The NFL and NFLPA even forged an option for players to ‘opt-out’ of this season, remain on a minimal no-risk salary, and return the following season. That was a huge plus.