Seven LA Rams events we are thankful for this year

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III –  The Rams offense is more balanced this year.

The LA Rams are an offense built upon the ability to run first, and then use deceptive run-pass option plays to loosen up the defense. The team suffered in 2019 when the team’s average yards-per-carry dipped below the 4.0 yards gold standard. In fact, it was the plunge from 4.9 yards-per-carry to a ghastly 3.7 yards-per-carry. The reason for the dropoff? Veteran running back Todd Gurley plummetted.

The Rams decided to move on from Gurley in the offseason, and they invested in the running game with a committee approach that has buoyed several other teams in recent years, including the rival San Francisco 49ers.  That balanced running back by committee approach, nicknamed RUN DMC by some entertaining fans, allows HC Sean McVay to find different tools for different defenses. Darrell Henderson is the fleet-footed running back who can scamper through holes.  Veteran Malcolm Brown is the low-geared power back who can move piles. And Cam Akers has multiple speeds to fit any role in between

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Pass the passing game, please?

As much as the Rams offense starts with a strong running game, it ends with the passing game. And the LA Rams still love to sling the football. While Goff is 15th in the NFL in accuracy at 67.7 percent, that’s far better than a 2019 accuracy of 62.9 percent.  He is on track for 26 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and 4,517 yards. That’s a pace that should put him among the Top-5 NFL quarterbacks. It’s enough to prompt’s Brentley Weissman to come to Goff’s defense.

Of course, with every successful pass, there needs to be a catch. The Rams were able to sign both WR Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods to extensions this year. They are a great NFL receiving pair, combining for 118 receptions on 166 passes for 1,321 yards and seven touchdowns. Not far behind is WR Josh Reynolds, who is already putting up career-high numbers. Then the Rams have TEs Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett.

The Rams have a logjam at skill positions. That’s why rookies have been getting fewer snaps so far.  It’s about the limits to the team roster to place 11 guys on the field at a time. The Rams receivers are good now and will be into the future. That’s a huge plus in the NFL today.