LA Rams DC Staley is NFL’s hottest coaches, but he’s not leaving yet

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LA Rams Brandon Staley
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Despite outsmarting Bucs QB Brady in his first attempt, and being one of NFL’s hottest young coaches, don’t look for LA Rams DC Brandon Staley to leave

The LA Rams are on a mission this season to settle a few scores. The Rams finally defeated a Philadelphia Eagles team earlier this year. Now the Rams have finally beaten a team quarterbacked by Tom Brady. Of course, it did help that the team did not face a defense that held them to just three points.

Don’t get me wrong. The difference between scoring just three points and 27 points is the major difference to defeating Tom Brady. And any victory is about a full team effort. But there is a knack by some quarterbacks to come back and win games, no matter the score, as long as they get the ball back with two minutes or less remaining and just one scoring drive away from a tie or win. Brady is one.

The Brady bunch

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is a savvy quarterback. He’s been very adept in his lengthy NFL career. When his defense surrendered points, he made certain to score more. And so, it was as though the Rams were aiming at a fast-moving target. Well, until they met on Monday Night Football, that is. After all, this was not the first time the Rams had to face Brady.

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But it was the first time that Tom Brady had to lead the Buccaneers’ offense against the Rams.

This was not a revenge match by any means. But it was a bit of a right-of-passage test, and the Rams passed. The LA Rams, facing Tom Brady on the road as each NFL team begins to focus upon the NFL Playoffs, won a very important game towards earning a berth in the post-season.