LA Rams DC Staley is NFL’s hottest coaches, but he’s not leaving yet

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LA Rams Brandon Staley
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Is Staley HC material?

And as is always the case, coordinators who have remarkable success in the NFL will be talked about for future head coaching positions. Right now, that path will lead NFL teams to several doorsteps of the LA Rams, but let’s pause a moment here and talk this through.

First of all, here is a list of some potential head coach candidates in 2021.

And yes, we spy a familiar name there.

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Seriously, Staley so soon?

Among that list, Staley is one of the highest rewards, but even higher risks. He’s just in his first season as defensive coordinator. Is he that good? Or is he benefiting from a defensive scheme with two All-Pro veterans? Is he a one-hit-wonder? NFL teams tend to be more conservative when hiring head coaches, and Staley is a risky one for now.

That’s not to say that Staley does not deserve consideration. But while the LA Rams witness what Staley is doing in just ten games so far, NFL teams assess his performance against other coaches with a longer track record. And what’s also missing are college coaches who many expect will be seeking NFL opportunities due to their 2020 coronavirus pandemic experience. We’ll touch base on that soon.  Meanwhile, how many teams will truly be in the market for new head coaches?