Each LA Rams loss can impact berth in NFL Playoffs

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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The LA Rams have propelled themselves into the NFL Playoffs discussion. With six games remaining, each loss can impact their playoff berth

The LA Rams are playing incredibly well right now. Two consecutive wins against teams who entered the game with better records tend to turn some heads in the NFL. And where the heads point, the praise soon follows. The same heads that turned away when the Rams lost two of three games before the Rams week nine bye week are now the ones touting the Rams as the team to beat in the NFC.

Don’t get used to it. From the moment the Rams lose another game, those same opinions will turn against the team once more. The ‘team to beat’ will become a ‘team that is struggling for an identity’ overnight. Such is the fate of the teams that headline the NFL.

Set expectations

It would be foolish to claim that many predicted the LA Rams to be 7-3 by this point in the season. While many expected the Rams to be no better than last season’s 9-7 record, a few brave sorts were optimistic enough to predict these Rams could finish this season at 10-6.  And so it goes that the Rams may be a bit ahead of schedule.

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Well, we put our game by game prediction out there in July 2020 and predicted the Rams would be a 9-1 team at this point en route to a 13-3 season. The two remaining losses? Splitting the games against the 49ers and the Seahawks, with the losses coming in the final six games of the year.  But it points out an important point. Even at a lofty 13-3 season, we projected the Rams would lose two of the final six games.  If the Rams followed that track this season, they would end up at 11-5.  So what?