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LA Rams QB Jared Goff is now officially the problem

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The LA Rams $134 million starting quarterback Jared Goff moves from asset to liability

The LA Rams learned something today.  I’ve usually been the guy that’s been in the middle-of-the-road regarding LA Rams QB Jared Goff. Today may have been the day where I joined the naysayers. He has come up big in many games but he’s not improving anymore. And it shows.
And that hurts. Has he lost that ability to sometimes step up in the pocket?

Goff has consistently been inconsistent. Today was one more display of a game where the Rams needed to depend upon him. But he was undependable. He has cost the Rams many games in the past years (also has won them some games) but this year has been completely different. The team is being hampered by a quarterback that has not been making the correct decisions all season long. A player who still refuses to understand that ball security is critical.

Four turnovers in one game. How is that even possible?

Defense deserves better

The Rams have a Top-Five defense and a Top-ten offense but Jared Goff has now become a turnover machine.  There are times he just needs to seize the moment and he just hasn’t this season. The overthrow to endzone bound running back Darrell Henderson is a key example of this. His interceptions and fumble against the 49ers did not start here.  It began as the interceptions against Tampa Bay, clear examples of him not making the right decisions. Today is just the extension of a pattern that has happened like clockwork all season.

The Rams win two, and then lose one game in such a horrific fashion that it shakes all of the confidence right out of this team’s fan base. Head coach Sean McVay has done all he can scheming plays for the 2016 NFL Draft number-one pick.  But it may be time to move on. Whatever has impacted Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz seems to have rooted in Jared Goff now.

Do Rams even have a plan B?

Sean McVay was critical of Jared Goff and this may become a turning point to which the Rams stand behind him or, think about getting rid of him in the offseason. With each QB drafted in the 1st round of the 2020 draft looking like a stud, this could be bad for Jared Goff in the future.

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Los Angeles Rams

LA Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is lighting up the NFL on the other side of town.  This is just his first year in the NFL, but it does place massive pressure on the Rams to get just as much out of their quarterback, especially in a market like Los Angeles.

Don’t go breaking my heart

It’s almost heartbreaking to witness this transformation. Just as the Rams seem to have the kicking game figured out, the wheels are falling off of the offense, at the most critical position on the field, the quarterback.

The LA Rams defense is definitely ready to win now. They can win the Super Bowl this season if they can pull the offense together. . But unfortunately, I don’t see them winning with Jared Goff as their quarterback.

MIA Goff

Whatever happened to the Jared Goff that outdueled Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Monday Night Football? Wherever he is, the person left in his place no longer seems capable of winning a shoot out. That same guy that overcame an early deficit to outplay New Orleans veteran quarterback Drew Brees in the NFC Championship Game.

Look you all may believe I’m being too hard on him because the team hasn’t had a franchise quarterback since the legendary quarterback Kurt Warner.  Or maybe you can give the nod to former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. But the offensive minds scheming up plays in the NFL now are better than ever.  Rookie quarterbacks that are being drafted today are far more athletic and appear to have a better fundamental knowledge of the position.

Pocket passer or sitting duck?

The Rams chose to stick with the traditional pocket passer when the trend of most dynamic offenses are turning rapidly towards dual-threat quarterbacks. Rams veteran quarterback Jared Goff remains a sitting duck to defenses that have speedy edge rushers.  Goff can run a little bit but his athleticism is in his arm, not his legs.  Now, his decision-making process has placed his arm into question.

I wrote an article months ago that the Rams should do whatever it takes to trade for Deshaun Watson and they should trade the farm for him.  LA Rams GM Les Snead has been very aggressive in the past, this may be another opportunity to fix the team.  While the LA Rams have found plenty of success through the arm of quarterback Jared Goff, that was not the case today.

The pattern is not promising

The LA Rams have fixed obvious problems in the roster before. Right now, it very much seems as though Jared Goff is holding this team back. Can the Rams fix it?  Or have the Rams hitched their wagon to a runaway horse?  Yes, the LA Rams are 7-4. Yes, the Rams can still win some games. But the pattern this year is obvious. Win two, lose one ugly.  The Rams will likely be playing on the road as a wild card team.

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Even if this pattern continues, the Rams will face three very difficult road games. The Rams have lost to the San Francisco 49ers twice this season. They know how to beat the Rams. And by the time the Rams get to the playoffs, all opponents will know as well.