LA Rams News: Take two steps forward and one step backwards

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

After two impressive wins, the LA Rams latest horrifying loss sets a puzzling pattern

The 7-4 LA Rams are one of the most bewildering teams in the NFL this year. This is the team that swept the NFC East division but stumbled on the road to the then 2-3 San Francisco 49ers.  This is the team that dismantled a vaunted Chicago Bears defense, only to be dismantled the very next week by the Miami Dolphins’ defensive pressure.  After a huge road win against an incredibly talented Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Rams returned home to pollute SoFi Stadium with a horrific four turnover display against the rival San Francisco 49ers.

This is a team that has betrayed the trust of the fans, causing an emotional train wreck on the morning after. If this were the characteristics of a romantic relationship, all of our friends would be demanding that we ‘break up’ with the Rams. And for good reason. They can’t be counted on. They are undependable. They . . . can’t be trusted.

Two wins to one loss

A rock and roll power ballad from the late 1970s was made popular by the recording artist Meat Loaf entitled Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad. In many ways, that song describes the roller coaster ride of LA Rams fans right now. Fans love the Rams. Fans appreciated the Rams. But there ain’t no way they are ever gonna trust these Rams.

The Rams win two, pulling fans back into believing. Then the team loses, and trust is shattered.

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Losing to the trash-talking 49ers once a season is bad enough. Losing twice is rough. But losing to that team four straight times has their entire fanbase celebrating like a Super Bowl win, at the expense of the Rams fan base. And that’s very tough to forgive. Even if these Rams win out and finish the season at 12-4, there is that reality of the team not winning at home against the loudest, brashest rival in the NFC West. Right now, the pattern projects these Rams at 11-5.