LA Rams News: Take two steps forward and one step backwards

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Rams cannot shake the 49ers

The Rams have been plagued by the San Francisco 49ers for many years. It’s just not the present that displays the uneven emotions for those games. In Saint Louis, the Ram suffered 17 straight losses to the 49ers. And for many Rams fans, the pain of those losses lingers even to this day. Of course, losing four in a row is placing fans right back into that tailspin.

But this is not just about the Rams-49ers rivalry. This is about a bigger problem. A lackluster effort from a team that seems to treat the opportunity to win in the NFL like it’s just another day at the office. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some players the intensity of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald? Or players who find the Eye-Of-The-Tiger, players who rise to meet the challenge of their rivals.  Right now, the team cannot say that of their players. And that’s why the Rams roll over so often.

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Rams need to find that toughness

The LA Rams need to find a way to tap into some emotional toughness. Sure, they can win some games with talent. And they may be able to win a few more with a great game plan. But somewhere along the way, the only thing standing between the Rams and defeat will be the Rams’ desire to win.  Even if the Rams run the table this season, they will face an opponent that is evenly-match, evenly-prepared, and evenly likely to win. When that happens, it will come down to which team wants to win more.

The Rams did not want the win against the 49ers more. Aaron Donald did. But he stood alone. Will it take the Rams getting pissed-off to be able to lock horns with opponents going forward?  The LA Rams are stuck in a cycle of win two, lose one.  If the pattern continues, the Rams will finish the season 12-4 but be sent home quickly in the playoffs with a round one defeat. Will that be enough? No.