LA Rams News: Take two steps forward and one step backwards

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Get emotional, then harness that energy

The Rams need to get emotional. Somehow, this team needs to find an unquenchable thirst for success, and then tap into that wellspring to fuel a passion to win. That’s the key to succeed in the playoffs now. There is no more offensive dominance by the LA Rams. Instead, the Rams need to gut it out, find the ways to move the chains, and keep plugging away.

The Rams may have lost another game to the San Francisco 49ers, but it was as much of shooting themselves in the foot as the 49ers’ ability to defeat them. The Rams struggled at the passing game on both occasions against the 49ers.  So the Rams will face that same defense again. And again.

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Vicious cycle

The Rams have fallen into some familiar and disappointing patterns. Unless they can break the cycle, this season will end sooner than expected. No more “I’ll get around to it”. Each player on the Rams team needs to search himself for the desire to win. This is not a game for mercenaries. It’s about passion. And right now, the Rams seem to have forgotten that passion to play.

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles shared these thoughts after winning the Super Bowl

"“The big thing is don’t be afraid to fail. You share that. I’m human, not superman. When you struggle in your life, it’s an opportunity to grow. If there’s something going on in your life, embrace it.”- Eagles quarterback Nick Foles"

And there it is. Embrace this. The journey is both sweet and salty.

Fear of failure?

Are the Rams key offensive weapons so afraid to fail that they do? There are plenty of theories running around right now, and the truth lies in the blend of many of them. But one thing remains true. The Rams need to embrace the sting of this loss. Savor it. If they are comfortable with it, that speaks volumes. If they are not, they must do whatever it takes to change their course.  Two steps forward, one step back. A vicious cycle, a rewardless pattern that will take the Rams to nowhere.

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The 49ers won the four games between these two teams, and they are rightfully celebrating today and for the rest of the regular season.  They may still be applauding when the Rams head to their first playoff game as the 49ers watch from the comfort of their living rooms.  A little envy goes both ways. We wish our players could tap the emotions needed to beat their team. They wish they had won enough games to earn a playoff berth like the LA Rams.