10 reasons to believe LA Rams defense makes the difference this year

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LA Rams defense
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I – Jalen Ramsey is a defensive super-star

Let’s be realistic. The LA Rams have one of the best defensive backs in the NFL in Jalen Ramsey.  No, he does not come down with an impossible number of interceptions. While many use the interception statistic as the gold standard for judging how good defensive backs are, it’s actually just one of several statistics to judge a defender’s talent in the secondary.

Quarterbacks will pass the ball to the open receiver. So if a wide receiver fails to create separation and get open, wise quarterbacks simply won’t throw that way. By all accounts, that ability to force a quarterback to throw elsewhere is as good as an incompletion.

Ramsey can’t defend passes thrown elsewhere

Jalen Ramsey impacts offenses in each game before offenses ever take the field. When game planning to face the Rams, quarterbacks plan to throw away from whichever receiver is defended by Ramsey. And so, cornerback ranking do no reflect his best work.

After all, most ranking algorithms use completion rates, interceptions, passes deflected, and yards after the catch.


So it goes with the player who is that good, but does not get that grade. And there it is. This Rams defense is not about individual accolades. Rather, it is all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality.  That is what Jalen Ramsey signed up for. Without his ability to neutralize receivers in games, the Rams would be struggling right now.

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This is not a defense of superheroes, nor are they infalliable. They are a group of players who have put aside their quest for individual statistics and rewards, and are focusing upon what is best for the defense, and ultimately for the team. With each game, this team becomes much better.
And that is what will make these Rams a very dangerous team to face in the NFC Playoffs this year.